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This vast network was developed as a resource designed to connect bathers with experienced tradespeople to ensure the very best steam and sauna experience and help promote a lifetime of wellness through Experiential Bathing.

The BathingPro Network is a nationwide alliance of independent tradespeople who specialize in the design, construction, installation, renovation, and repair of steam & sauna bathing environments.

What kind of space can we help you with?

Tradespeople who are listed on the BathingPro Network are independent businesses. The BathingPro Network is not compensated for the listings contained on this site and does not warrant the work performed by these independent companies. Always research any business before hiring them to have work performed. The sole purpose of this website is to help connect bathers with expereinced tradespeople so they may enjoy the best possible bathing expereince and a lifetime of wellness. Happy bathing!

Find a BathingPro Near You!

Why the BathingPro Network?

Steam & sauna bathing spaces require a unique skillset. BathingPro technicans have the resourses to ensure the best results.

The BathingPro Difference

These technicians have listed the specific services they offer so you can match them to the exact needs of your project.

Matched to Your Needs 

BathingPros have hands-on experience with all leading brands and configurations of steam & sauna equipment.

Extensive Experience

Use our Bathing Pro Locator Tool to see qualified technicians near you! 


You can also fill out a Support Request Form request for assistance from our team.

After you search your location, you will see each technician's company and contact information.

Reach out to a technician to find out if they are a good fit for your project!

We recommend researching any business before hiring them. 

1) Find a BathingPro

2) View Pros In Your Area

3) Select a Qualified Pro

How it Works:

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